First Baptist Meridian is now Meridian Church

It’s where we are. It’s what we are. It’s that simple. We’re not trying to be unique; we’re trying to be faithful. The church already is unique. We’ve got a new wine skin, but it’s the same ancient vintage inside.

You won’t find dazzling productions or programs here, but if you’re looking for disciples who want to covenant together, be ruled by the word of God, and worship Him in gravity and gladness, we’d invite you to join us. We don’t want you to be surprised though. You might find us different, but we believe our differences to be deeply rooted in the history of the church and the truth of God’s word. We are reformed. We are elder led. We worship together as families. The sermons are expository. We do life together. We hold one another accountable. And when we fail, we lovingly discipline one another. Our mission is simply the one Jesus gave us: to make disciples.

We're just one of his churches

We are a church of the Lord Jesus Christ—part of the people He purchased unto Himself by His blood for His glory, covenanting to be faithful to our Savior together. We are a people knit together by the cross for the glory of the crucified One. It really is that simple, and yet, glorious.

We make no statement about how special or creative we are unto ourselves.

Our only real glory is Christ and Christ alone.